Blog Post # 289 – Going Through the Motions

Going through the motions.

Cruising and coasting.

When our heart is not truly into it.

The motions.

When we notice ourselves proceeding in this way, we need to recommit.


To find our why.

Or we need to get out of the way and let someone else do it.

Half-hearted enthusiasm doesn’t help anyone.

When we interact with another and only put forth 30% effort, they can sense it.

They know that they aren’t getting our maximum.

Mediocrity is the result.

And it is what we don’t want.

Going through the motions is selfish.

It represents a lack of sharing.

And of not being fully present.

For today, let us bring our full selves to everything that we do.

To pour ourselves into the moment.

Awake. Alive. Aware. Engaged.

More emotions, less motions.

Today and everyday.

Even if our heart isn’t into it.