Blog Post # 284 – Revealing Our Vulnerabilities

Some folks keep things close to the vest.


Reluctant to reveal.


The approach is certainly understandable.


Not taking away from that mindset at all.


For me, being open about where I am at and what I am struggling with has really helped.


This blog is basically me transcribing the ideas that bounce around in my head.


Some of them resonate with some people.


Some of them don’t.


But I enjoy writing about what I’m thinking about, what I’m feeling and what is bothering me.


Writing about my fears regarding the President-elect has certainly been cathartic.


We have friends, family or lovers in our lives with whom we can discuss anything at all.


It is so important to maintain this outlet.


When we are struggling, we may isolate.


This hyper-connected world can actually be quite lonely.


And when we are alone, the silly ideas get louder in our brain.


Talking about our vulnerability, being open to it, exploring it and examining it helps us to make sense of what is going on.


It is a tricky time to be alive.  


Things seem upside down.


For today, let us take a few minutes to check in with our vulnerabilities.  


And see where that takes us.