Blog Post # 280 – The Greatest Freedom

“The greatest freedom is to be free from blaming others.” – Dan Sullivan.

So easy to blame everyone else for our woes.

Our problems must be caused by our spouse, our kids or our parents.

We may take responsibility for some things, but not everything.

We think that we know that someone else screwed us.

That our lack of happiness is not our fault.

That our poor physique is not our fault.

That our country’s woes are not our fault.

So we blame others.

We do this on the personal scale, as well as the national level.

But when we surrender responsibility for our happiness to others, we lose a lot.

Instead, we should admit that we have no one to blame but ourselves.

To break free from the trap of refusing to take responsibility.

People may harm us, may threaten us, may stymie us.

But we should refrain from blaming them.

Think of our greatest heroes – Lincoln, King, Mandela.

If they had blamed others for all of the world’s woes, they would never have achieved greatness.

Blame is a trap.

For today, let us strive to step out of that trap.

And remember to blame no one other than the one in the mirror.