Blog Post # 279 – Precursors to Change

What comes before real change?

The circumstances which must occur before we make meaningful change.

The pain caused by the way that we have been acting.

The emotional rollercoaster caused by our choices.

Waking up angry at ourselves for the things that we have done.


Awareness of how we have been going along must come before change.

An awakening. A slight shift.

Another precursor to change is the promise of something different.

Something better.

Doing things in a healthier, more productive way.

If we don’t have a goal for how things could be and if that goal is not massive enough, we may not find the drive to bring about that goal.

Small goals yield small results.

So if we want to bring about real change, the two major precursors are awareness of how we have been behaving, as well as the consequences of that behavior.

Then we need a vision of how things could be different.


For the better.