Blog Post # 278 – If A White Man Does It

If a white man robs a bank, it is because he needs money to send his girls to a private high school.

If a black man robs a bank, it is because all black men are thugs and criminals.

If a white man blows up a federal building, it is because he is a fringe, disenfranchised loner.

If a Muslim man blows up a building, it is because all Muslims are terrorists.

If a white man grabs women by their vaginas, he gets elected President.

If a Mexican man assaults a woman, all Mexicans are rapists.

For some reason, the media never scapegoats white men when white men behave badly or commit crimes.

The acts of one white man never, ever represent white men as a whole.

The media search for existential excuses as to why a white man did the bad thing that he did.

But when a perpetrator is a person of color, thoughtful analysis goes out the window and the incident feeds into a repeated narrative about “those types of people.”

We need to be aware of this.

We need to filter our news with this lens.

We need to stop attributing the acts of an individual to a group as a whole.

We don’t do it to white men.

We shouldn’t do it to any class of people.