Blog Post # 277 – The Grand Delusion

We tell ourselves that we want to work real hard now so that we can travel the world in our retirement.

So we put off any fun travel for now.

We tell ourselves that we are going on the world’s best diet in January.

So we eat too much and decide not to exercise for now.

We tell ourselves that we will save lots of money later on down the line.

So we spend way too much each day.

Our grand visions for the future may cause us to neglect our present circumstances.

Nobody ever lost 40 pounds in a single day.

People lose weight because they change their habits.

Aligning their present reality with their future goals.

Doing the little things today to get us on the right path.

Maybe the grand illusions for the future are part of the problem.

Do we justify doing whatever we want now because we think that later we will do the right things?

The things that put us on the path to success?

Dreaming about an idyllic future scenario does us a deep disservice.

Instead of daydreaming about what might come some today, for today, let us focus on the here and now.

What we are doing right. What we are doing that is not so right.

And thereby bring about that ideal future by working through what we need to do today.