Blog Post # 276 – Our Unrecognized Fear

Unrecognized fear.

Sometimes, our fears are obvious.

Danger.  Threats.  Scary situations.

We see the fear right in front of our eyes.

We know it is there and we react.

Some other times, however, our fears are buried.

Deep down.

In a place that makes them hard to identify.

We may be acting strangely and not know why.

Our fears may be playing on our emotions.

Making us angry, resentful or just plain mean.

We may not know why we are acting that way.

Unrecognized fear can be a dangerous thing.

Our job, therefore, is to locate that fear.

To keep asking ourselves why.

Why did I act that way?

Why did I feel that emotion?

What is really bothering me?

Until we recognize the source of what is bothering us – our unrecognized fears – we will be unable to address those fears.

For today, let us sit quietly and see if we are worried about anything.

Fearful about anything.

Obsessing over anything.

It may all be going on in the background.

Our job today is just to identify it.

We can deal with overcoming the fear later.

For today, let us simply name it and own it.