Blog Post # 272 – Pain of Uncertainty

The pain of not knowing.

Not knowing what comes next.

The pain of uncertainty.

So hard to live without clear answers.



How do we center ourselves in unclear times?

We need a bedrock.

A foundation.

A way to process new and uncertain information.

We need to remember who we are.

How we got here.

The things that have worked for us in the past are often the things that will carry us through.

We did it before and we can do once more.

When we get confused, we forget ourselves.

We dig in, ready to fight, but we forget where we came from.

For today, let us find a bit of time to examine where we are.

To check in.

To ask whether this new situation is really all that different.

And then we act.

We move.

We take a step towards where we want to be.