Blog Post # 269 – One Day More

One day more.

“The time is now, the day is here!” – Les Miserables.

What if today is our last day on Earth?

If our time ran out at the stroke of midnight.

How would we act today?

With whom would we connect with?

How would we spend the rest of the day?

You know it might just be.

That might be all we have left.

One day more.

Thinking about death too much can cause problems.

But a healthy understanding of our own mortality should help instill gratitude and a sense of being present.

Even at this relatively young age, I’ve had friends who died pumping gas at Quik Trip, hiking in the mountains, getting crushed under a car.

I have had several friends take their own lives.

So, honestly, you just never know.

For today, let us all take the time to check in briefly with our shadow.

Our mortality.

Of course, we most likely will never know when death comes for us.

But the one thing that we do know for sure is that one day, it will.