Blog Post # 265 – The Best Version of Ourselves

The best version of ourselves.

My friend John Fisher says that if we strive to be the best versions of ourselves in every aspect of our lives, we will lead an amazing existence.

I tend to agree.

We need templates like this.

A set of questions to ask ourselves when confronted with a new situation or problem.

A prism to assist us in analyzing new information or stimuli.

It also provides us with a roadmap on how to analyze and reanalyze ….

Our Day.

Our Effort Level.

Our Success.

When confronted with a decision to be made, we usually know which response will lead us to our best selves and which response will not.

Our job is to follow our best selves.

Do what we can to make the right choice.

And then let the chips fall where they may.

This approach may not work in each and every situation.

But it can serve as a powerful talisman for many of our daily dilemmas.

For today, let us strive. Let us ponder. Let us examine.

Let us make good choices.

And move a bit closer to our greatest selves.