Blog Post # 264 – The Opportunities Are Endless

Every failure is an opportunity.

An opportunity to learn.

An opportunity to improve.

An opportunity to know ourselves a little better.

We lose a case? An opportunity to do better the next time.

An election does not go our way? An opportunity to band together with allies and get ready for the next election.

We have a bad day? If we are still breathing the next day, we have the opportunity to make today better.

Sometimes, we have to go through a series of failures before the breakthrough comes.

Seen through this prism, we should remain indefatigable in the face of defeat.

Perseverance is what we are after.

Relentless, dogged pursuit is what we need.

A commitment to overcome will be the only thing that carries us through.

For today, let us view everything as an opportunity.

The obvious opportunities that stand before us.

And the not-so-obvious ones as well.

There is no defeat, no shame, no failure.

Just another opportunity to improve.