Blog Post # 263 – Terminally Unique

We are not alone.

We are not unique.

We are not the only one who is struggling.

One problem with our ego is that we believe we are unique.

Terminally unique.

That only our problems matter.

That only our suffering counts.

This idea that we are the only ones who are suffering leads to great problems.

Although it should not, it allows us to think that we have it the hardest.

That no one else can understand our pain, our struggles.

It makes us less sympathetic when it should produce the opposite effect.

Instead of wallowing in our own self pity, we could use the internal knowledge that we have about our own suffering to see the suffering in others.

That others too are just trying to make it through the day.

Barely holding it together at times.

The fact is that we are not unique.

We are not alone.

We can share what is bothering us.

The conversations that we have inside our brain are not usually very healthy.

Better to share them, give them definitions and boundaries.

This is how we break through those internal tapes that tell us the we have a unique lock on our own brand of suffering.

Get it out and let it out.

Do it today.