Blog Post # 262 – It’s Going to Be a Long Four Years

It’s going to be a long four years.

And maybe eight.

How do I stay engaged without becoming overwhelmed?

Can I keep abreast of the news without getting consumed by it all?

This is a small plea for personal balance in this new age to come.

What do you do when someone that represents virtually everything that you stand against gets elected to the highest office in the land?

Someone who brags about groping women.

Someone who vilifies your faith.

Someone who mocks the disabled.

Someone who classifies an entire people as rapists and thugs.

And this person is not camera-shy.

He knows how to get attention.

The American people have handed him the biggest bully pulpit in the land.

Which he is using to tweet out crazy conspiracies and outright lies.

Not only does he stand against the things that I hold dear, he is surrounding himself with smart people who support his policies.

Some of these people scare me more than he does.

These are all facts.

This is our new reality.

So how do I not get lost in this?

How do I keep these crazy tweets, blaring headlines and talking heads from consuming my day to day life?

I need to stay aware because the man will institute policies that affect my family, my people and my clients.

But I need part of me to hold on to.

Part of me that the news of the day doesn’t reach.

My centered part. My focused part. My part that is all mine.

You cannot have it all, sir. I won’t let you have it.

I am in this for the long haul and one day you will no longer be in office.

Until then, I will strive to practice kindness, introspection and a devotion to others and to the ideals that I hold dear.

You cannot have me.