Blog Post # 259 – A Lost Day

Note: I forgot to post this yesterday for some reason. I wrote it but forgot to hit publish. Appropriately enough, this one was called a lost day.

A lost day?

Sometimes we feel as if we suffered through a day without getting anything accomplished.

We only have so many days in a lifetime.

So it is natural to feel this way from time to time.

The trick, however, comes from observation.

Observing all of the good things in our lives.

The small, discrete moments of human interaction.

A micro-win in the day-to-day.

Sometimes it is an achievement to just show up.

Maybe that is the most that we could do that day.

We certainly do not want to have too many lost days in a row.

Lost days lead to lost years lead to a lost life.

There is a difference, of course, between unplugging from the grid and just mindlessly going through our day.

Sometimes reconnecting to the earth and our spirit may seem like a day of loss because nothing really happened, but that is far from the truth.

We need those moments.

The moments that we do not need are mindless moments – binging on television, video games, the internet, food or mind-numbing substances.

Those can truly lead to a lost day.

For today, let us be mindful. Let us strive to make today a day of meaning – in a small way or a big way.

If we are in a string of lost days, let’s decide that today will be different.

For unless we shift our mindset, we can probably add one more tally to our lost day chart.