Blog Post # 258 – Keyboard Warrior

Easy to talk tough on a keyboard.

Everyone seems to have an opinion.

Or two.

And they are oh so willing to share it.

Social media allows for idea dissemination and many of us take advantage of that.

Our opinions sharpen, our discourse weakens and very few of us are moved by the postings of others.

Digits and characters on a screen, however, will not save the world.

Will do very little in fact.

So, keyboard warrior, we ask – what are you going to do with your opinion?

What actions in the real world do you plan on taking?

How do you intend to contribute?

As Theodore Roosevelt pointed out, it is very easy to criticize the one in the arena.

The one doing the work, taking the risk and striving to change things.

So instead of writing another blog post or crafting your latest diatribe on Facebook, what if you actually took action?

Actually engaged with the world.

Until that time, your words are just words.

Action.  Implementation.  Concrete change.

This is what the world needs.

This is where we need you.

This is when you act.

We need you in the fight.

Are you in?

Or do you plan to simply hideout on the other side of the monitor?

Safe in your echo chamber.

Let’s go.