Blog Post # 257 – A Sliver of Clarity

We all get overwhelmed.

Running around all over the place.

Hustling from one task to another.

Find ourselves annoyed, befuddled and confused.

The A, the B and the C of modern life.

Our minds race.

Our bodies sore.

Our spirit gone.

Even so, even amongst all of the chaos, one blessing of being a human being is that we get these slivers of clarity.

A moment or two or three where we know what is right.

We know what to do.

The internal debate stops and our next step becomes clear.

Too often, this moment of clarity is short, fleeting.

But clear thinking is what we are after.

For me, my greatest sense of clarity comes shortly after I awaken, before the world gets moving on the day.

My mind sometimes sorts things out at night.

This is when I write.  When I try to meditate.

Sometimes clarity comes, other times it does not.

When it does come, it can charge me for an hour or two.  Help me focus on my next step.

I find that when I try to grab the clarity and to hold on, it evaporates.

Better to just rest inside the clarity, without boundaries.

To not try and direct it, but rather stay with it.

To let clarity run the show as opposed to me.

If I can get in touch with this part of me, everything else sorts itself out.