Blog Post # 256 – Pick and Choose

We do not have to fix everything.

The world does not depend solely upon us.

We could not remedy every injustice in the world, even if we tried.

Pick and choose.

So many tragic situations in the world.

Almost overwhelming.

Where to turn next?

Pick and choose.

At the same time, our lives should count for something.

We should strive to build something greater than ourselves.

Not simply focus on getting ahead ourselves.

Damn the consequences.

Are we really that self-consumed, that selfish?

As with so many things, the balance may be in the middle.

Not trying to cure all of the world’s ails.

Not focusing solely on our own little lives.

What if we pick one issue to take up?

Pick and choose.

A single cause.

A goal that will challenge us without consuming us.

To create a well-crafted solution that helps a limited number of people.

Unrealistic goals become pipe dreams pretty quickly.

A person focused on themselves grows lonely.

For today, let us not waste mental energy studying all of the world’s problems.

Let’s pick one instead.

And let us not stay within our own comfortable bubble – unchallenged and safe.

Let’s pick one issue instead.

Then take one small action to improve the situation.

To share a bit of ourselves to ease the suffering of another.

It is the least we can do, yet it is also so much that we can do.

Pick and choose.