Blog Post # 253 – Fullness & Freedom

When I started this blog eight months ago, one of the reasons that I did it was because Seth Godin encouraged all of us to blog every day.

One specific byproduct of blogging every day that he mentioned was the fact that we would then be on the record.

On the record about our lives.

About the world.

About things that happen.

Instead of tightly holding onto our own ideas inside our brain, our thoughts would be out in the world – for comment, consideration and discussion.

There is a freedom that comes with a daily blog.

The freedom to write about what is important to you.

The freedom to say what you want and to say it with passion.

The freedom to explore different parts of yourself and to see what makes sense.

Sometimes, I write about what is happening in my life.

I write about small coincidences, big ideas and themes.

My life is very full.

A lot of times, my brain is full too.

With the election, I can see this blog covering more political topics.

And I am not sure how I feel about that.

I am passionate about many of the issues that the President-Elect and his party seek to change.

But I don’t want to let that passion consume me.

Or to have that be all that I think about, work on and fight.

I want to stay well-rounded and grounded.

And I want this blog to help me stay that way.

This is where I am.


So I thought I would share that.  Just like I always do.

Peace to all.