Blog Post # 252 – Small Human Interactions

We cannot underestimate the power of small human interactions.

Last week, our son had a basketball game at the Mid-County YMCA.

After the game, we ran into Dwight.

Dwight used to work at the Webster Y, until it closed last year.

Back then, we saw Dwight almost every day – either going to run on the treadmill, lifting weights or, more often, when we took the kids to swim practice.

Dwight was always busy – folding towels, checking people in.

But he always had time to say hello.

Dwight would ask how we were doing and often chatted with the kids.

When we saw Dwight this week, he came out from behind the counter and gave everybody a hug.

We know very little about Dwight outside of his role at the YMCA.

Don’t know if he is married or if he has kids or what.

But in those small human interactions that we have had with Dwight over the years, he has conveyed a very warm, caring nature with his soft voice and his smile.

These days, people are angry.  Blaming.  Bitter.

Not Dwight.  He was as positive and interested in our kids as ever.

He is a connection to our past – to when the kids were little and to when we lived in Webster.

But more importantly, he does his job every day with a smile and sharing his positive nature with the world.

We could all learn a thing or two from Dwight.

For today, let us try and bring some warmth to our human interactions.

To speak softly and listen intently.

To be a bit more like Dwight.