Blog Post # 251 – You Endorsed This Hate

A hateful hate.

Hate has reared its ugly head.

Hatred of blacks.

Hatred of gays.

Hatred of Muslims.

Hatred of Jews.

Hatred of women.

One man raised the level of hate to epic proportions.

One man rose to the most powerful position on Earth with his hate.

I don’t care why you voted for him.

You endorsed his hate.

You emboldened the hate.

You said the hate was acceptable.

Said it was okay.

I hope one day you regret endorsing hate.

In the meantime, I will be standing up to hate.

I will be dealing with the consequences of your vote.

I will be doing the little that I can to stand up to what your vote has unleashed.

I will be fighting, suing, advocating, protesting and standing up to hate.  To discrimination.  To unfairness.

As the man nominates a racist for Attorney General and brings in an anti-Semite to be his closest adviser, I hope you know that you asked for this with your vote.

So don’t act surprised.

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

This is exactly what you voted for.

Perhaps it is not too late.

Not too late to stand for justice.

Not too late to reject the hate.

But it could be soon.

And history will judge all of us for how we voted and what we allowed to happen.

Which side are you on?