Blog Post # 248 – Quantity < Quality

More.  More.  More.

More food.  More booze.  More Facebook likes.

We keep wanting more.

Obsessed with quantity.

More objects for our home.  

More money in our checking account.

More retweets and shares.

We focus so heavily on the sheer numbers.

The measurements.

The collections.

The notches on our belts.

We get so fixated upon more _______, that we neglect to think about the quality of what we are actually after.

How good does the food taste?

How strong are our connections, both in the real world and online?

We need to stop and ask ourselves these questions.

Not how much did we get done, but how good a job did we do?

Not how much jack can I bank today, but how did I feel earning money this way?

Not how many things can we collect, but how useful and beneficial are the things that we keep close to us.

Quality over quantity.

Deeper connections.

More accurate thinking.

Focusing on depth instead of sheer numbers frees us from the frantic feeling of being on the treadmill.  

Of having to produce greater numbers to keep our personal machine going.

For today, let us look for depth of connections.  Freedom through letting go of numbers.  To dig deep and get connected.