Blog Post # 247 – Focus on the Love

One of the coolest things about being an immigration attorney is helping two people in love to begin their life together.

One a citizen, one a foreigner.

We spend a lot of time in these cases building evidence of the marriage.

Photographs of the loving couple are acceptable.

Photos of the pair with other important people in their lives are often more compelling.

Imagine if everyone had to prove their marriage.

To prove their love.

Copies of joint bank statements, life insurance, major purchases and trips taken are all ways to demonstrate that a marriage is real.

But it is an unusual endeavor, nonetheless.

With the high number of spouse and fiance cases that our office handles, it is clear that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

No two couples are alike.  No two stories all that similar.

In addition to gathering evidence of the marriage, we also spend a significant amount of time with the couple before the green card interview in a mock back-and-forth where we act out what might happen at the interview.

I often wonder what would happen if every marriage was subject to such scrutiny at the outset.

Conceptually, proving a marriage is valid can be difficult.

In some cases, our clients have a hard time articulating how their relationship began, as well as how it flourished.

Makes for an interesting interview preparation session.

In the end, we ask our clients to focus on the love.

The spark that started the relationship.  The drive to be together.  To explain why they want to be together for the rest of their lives.

Probably good for all of us – citizen or not, gay or straight, black or white or any shade in between.

Love is love.

Let us share our love with the world.