Blog Post # 246 – A Position to Win

Let’s put ourselves in a position to win.

To set up our day in a way that increases our chances of success.

We may be struggling.

Worn down.

In a rut, overwhelmed by bad habits.

We must ask ourselves – “today isn’t going so well.  But what can I do for the rest of the day in order to make tomorrow better?”

The three small steps that will boost our chances of having a good day tomorrow.

This is not to say that we should give up on today for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Rather, it is simply a call to tweak what we are doing to improve the likelihood of success in the days to come.

Going to bed a half hour earlier.

Reviewing our schedule for the following day before going to bed.

Blocking out a little bit of time for ourselves in the midst of a hectic calendar.

Laying out our clothes the night before.

Making our lunch and brown-bagging it to free up time and save a little cash.

These are not high concepts.

They don’t cost anything.

Just simple things that we can do today to put us in the best position to succeed.

Would love to hear about any steps like these that work for you.