Blog Post # 246 – What Did I Do?

What did i do?

What is my role in all of this?

How did I help the situation?

Or, conversely, hurt the situation?

Could I have handled this differently?

Been calmer.

Been stronger.

Worked harder.

If so, why didn’t I?

If not, why did I not?

Afraid to change?

Too tired to work?

Frustrated and angry.

Did I cause this situation?

Can I assess clearly my role in things?

Without assigning myself all of the blame.

Or refusing to take any.

When confronted with a failure or something that takes a turn for the worse, how do we act?

Where do our thoughts take us?

To a place of self-inspection with the goal of doing better?

Or to a place of blame, shame and anger?

For today, let us reflect on our role in things.

What we did.

Or what we didn’t do.

And how we might do things differently the next time.