Blog Post # 245 – Recharging with Giggles

Taking a break.

Totally okay to take a break.

Last night, some close friends had us over for hamburgers, tater tots and salad.

Scott and I played Tomb Raider.

Danny and Ismail played Rainbox Six.

Noor and Ibrahim played darts.

Amany got the third high score on Galaga.

We shot some pool and got to hear about Nicole’s senior year and her job at the Art of Entertaining.

A bunch of us played Ticket to Ride.  Yusuf won.  Again.

No talk of elections.

No grievances, no anger, no stress.

Just a lot of fun and a whole lot of laughs.

What a gift Scott and Beth gave us.

We didn’t know how much we needed an evening of normalcy.

As an added bonus, I accidentally left my cell phone in the car which grounded me in the moment.

Such a relief to just focus on being with friends.

And laughing.

For today, let’s see if we can laugh a little.  To get past all of this.  Even if it is just for a few hours.

A respite.  A relief.  A timeout.

Time for more battles ahead.

Nothing wrong with that.

But nothing wrong with recharging with giggles either.