Blog Post # 244 – Galvanized by Defeat

How do we act?

When things don’t go our way.

How do we respond?

When we don’t get what we want.

It is easy to be gracious when we win.

Some of the “jerkiest” coaches that I have seen on the baseball diamond become quite nice when their team wins.

But when they lose – watch out!

Losing is hard.

Disappointment is tough to take.

But when the game is over, the score is what the score is.

It’s good to go back and examine why we lost.

To then begin to move on.

Planning for the next match.

How we handle adversity, though, says everything about us.

It also makes us so much stronger than when we win.

Galvanized by defeat.

Rising up out of the ashes like the Phoenix.

Leading by example.

Determined to do better next time.

Don’t blame the refs.  Don’t blame the other team.  Don’t blame fate.

We lost?  So what?

Time to move on.  Time to get to work.