Blog Post # 243 – Our Own Particular Brand of Truth

Empathy and compassion.

Seems like we have lost these two basic emotions.

As a society, we look past each other.

We hate each other.

We refuse to forgive each other.

On the one hand, we have tools to connect us to each other like never before.

Yet, we talk past each other without listening at all.

We live in echo chambers of our own choosing.

Tell ourselves our own particular brand of truth.

Seems we cannot put ourselves in the shoes of the other.

Empathy takes us outside of our own narrow world view and lets us see where another is coming from.

Hard work, no doubt.

So much easier to get into a Facebook flame war.

Let’s do more of that, shall we?

So many divisions.

So many grievances.

So disunified.

Please think about how separate we are.

How our compassion has evaporated.

Leaving us angry, bitter and resentful.

Our feelings are our feelings.  And it is okay to have those feelings.

But maybe we could spend a little time getting past our feelings, outside them, and to check in on our neighbors.

Tap into their feelings

Where they are coming from.

And just listen.