Blog Post # 242 – Check Yourself

Check yourself.

When confronted with an emotional upheaval, we need to check ourselves.

See how we are processing things.

Tap into where we are at.

Where do our thoughts take us?

How does our body feel?

What is our mindset?

Taking a mental scan of our body and spirit, starting at the top of our head and working down to the bottom of our feet.

Just to see where we are.

In times of high alert, we may want to be checking on ourselves frequently.

Several times a day.

If we don’t know where we are mentally, we will not be able to take action.

We will not be able to help others.

Upon reflection, insights come to the forefront.

Our vision becomes clearer.

We just have to be still and check in.

Journaling helps us extract our current mental position.

To define it, enclose it and own it.

For today, let’s try and remember to check in on ourselves at various times throughout the day.

Doesn’t take long.

Doesn’t cost anything.

But it can definitely help keep us focused and our eyes on the prize.