Blog Post # 242 – One Single Step

One step.

One single step forward.

When we feel stuck, beaten, defeated, we just need one step.

One step towards the light.

One tiny movement.

Make things better in one small way.

Hug our child a little harder.

Speak a little more softly.




We may be shaken or upset or depressed.

Sitting still does us no good.

We must ask ourselves – what is the one thing we can do today to make things better?

Who can we help?

Help heal.

Help to safety.

Help recover.

One thing is for sure.

We are in this together.

We need to stand together.

In unison.

And take that step towards each other.

Towards something bigger than ourselves.

Towards our own freedom.

This world cannot cage us.

These events cannot define us.

If we take that small step away from our chains.

And fight.