Blog Post # 239 – What if?

Let’s play a game.

A game of what if?

What if 9/11 had never occurred?

What if Al Gore had won the 2000 election?

What if President Kennedy had not been killed in 1963?

This game works on a smaller, more personal scale, too.

What if we had never met our spouse or our significant other?

What if we had been born in another country?

What if the abuse we suffered had never occurred?

The what if game can make us crazy.

Some people live in the world of what if.

Dreaming about how things could have been instead of how they actually went down.

They may even think that things that actually happened never really did.

Alas, at the end of the day, we are left with the life that we lived.

The things that really did happen.

We can think of the different trajectories that our lives may have taken.

But here we are.

The sum total of our experiences.

And the way that those experiences impacted us.

What do we do with this then?

We accept it.  We own it.  We do what we can to shape our present circumstances.

And we let go of the what if’s.

Focus on today.  And tomorrow.

Try and build something so that we no longer want to, or need to, bemoan what MIGHT have been.

Content with things as they are.

And as they were.