Blog Post # 236 – The Hike of Life

I’ve been walking the kids up to their respective bus stops for the past few days.

They grumble because the car is faster.

But I got this FitBit and the more steps I take, the better it is for me.

Noor and I are in a step competition each day.

So far, I am leading and she is trailing.

From our driveway and the cul-de-sac, there is a pretty steep hill.

When you start up the hill, it seems more steep than it is.

You take some extra breaths and the hike up the hill becomes a bit strenuous.

Find yourself breathing hard towards the top.

And then all of a sudden, about 200 feet from the end of our subdivision, the road flattens.

The walk becomes easier.

Smooth sailing for the rest of the bus stop walk.

Breaths return to normal.

Now here’s the thing.

The spot where things become easier is not really visible.

You just find that – rather quickly – the difficulty fades away.

And the trudge becomes a little more enjoyable.

A gift of sorts.

Life is like this.

We can find ourselves all of a sudden trudging along without a clear end in sight.

But if we keep stepping up, keep striving and striding, things do get easier.

Almost on their own.

Without us doing anything besides not giving up.

For today, let us keep going.

Let us continue the hike of life, up the hills as strong as we can.

Things will even out.

We can trust this.

Even if we can’t see it.