Blog Post # 234 – Think Big, Start Small

Think big.

Start small.

Gary V would say to look to the clouds, but dig in the dirt.

Having huge goals is a wonderful thing.

But practicality has to come into play as well.

Breaking long-term goals into bite sized steps is so important.

Dreaming like Dr. King, implementing like an engineer.

Logistics, small victories, step-by-step success.

These are the building blocks of a super-sized win.

Momentum. This is what we are after.

Small win builds on small win builds on small win.

It’s perfectly acceptable to shoot big.

But we need to be practical.

If we are not, we will probably fail.

Our big dream will not come to fruition.

What can we do today – small and attainable – that will put us on our path?

The right path.

This is long term thinking.

Where do we want to be 3 years from now? 10 years? 25 years?

For today, let us dream big, but do one or two things to make our dreams a little bit closer.