Blog Post # 233 – Easy Street


We want an easy life.

For things to come easily to us.

My daughter Noor’s favorite musical is Annie.

Noor and I listen to the Annie soundtrack on Spotify all the time.

The best part of the show is when Ms. Hannigan’s brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily show up and the three conspire to swindle Daddy Warbucks out of a reward to be paid to the parents of Little Orphan Annie.

They belt out a stirring rendition of Easy Street, a song highlighting the difference between them and the millionaire, Daddy Warbucks. They keep trying to get to Easy Street.

The song builds with a refrain of Easy Street, Easy Street and then they sing “when you get there, when you get there, when you get there …. Stay!”

So often we want things the easy way.

We take the easy way out.

We refrain from doing the hard work.

Sometimes good things do actually come easily.

But most success comes from hard work.

From declining the quick, easy buck.

From putting our heads down and getting moving.

Easiness is a false idol.

We should embrace hard work.

We toil in the fields now to build a better life later.

Leaning towards the easy so as to avoid the hard is understandable.

But it leaves us flabby and untested.

Here’s to the people that are going to work hard today.

Building something.

Creating something.

Implementing their dreams.