Blog Post # 232 – What Remains?

If we take away the distractions ….

If we turn off the devices ….

If we eliminate the busy-ness ….

What remains?

Eliminating the busy work that we have in our lives can cause significant resistance.

Our habits are our habits.

They bring us comfort.

Comfort and excuses.

And maybe that is just it.

Perhaps we tell ourselves a big lie.

The big lie says “look at me – I’m so busy, so tired, so hard-working” (but much of my time is so wasted).

And we are indeed busy. No one is denying that.

But are we effective?

Maybe we stay busy so that we don’t have to think; so that we can just react.

To do something – anything – to keep from looking inward.

Busy-ness and hubbub to prevent ourselves from engaging in introspection.

If we take away the distractions, we have to focus.

If we turn off the devices, we have to look at the world around us and think about our place in said world.

If we eliminate the busy-ness, then we have to do effective work that matters.

What remains after we eliminate these mental crutches may be our best us.

An effective, reflective, introspective human being who glides through the world fulfilling our life’s purpose.

Even the thought of that instills a bit of fear deep inside us.

So much easier to get caught in the triviality and banality of the unimportant.

But losing these crutches leaves us standing there, naked.

Just us and our big, big thoughts.

Our true purpose.

And maybe that is a good thing.