Blog Post # 231 – Our Own Path

Do we choose our own path?

Or was it chosen for us?

Some people go through life as if they have no choice.

Live their life as a series of “have to’s.”

I have to do this, I have to do that.

They have ceded responsibility for their lives to some other force – God, their spouse, their children, their history.

When did we give up our control to another?

Who knows?

But it is time to take it back.

Time to wrest responsibility for our own lives back from all comers.

This is our life.

No one else’s.

We have responsibilities to a lot of other people – our significant other, our children, our workplace.

But our greatest responsibility is to the person in the mirror.

We have a choice. An everyday choice.

Do we bob along today subject to chance and the whims of others?

Or do we own our choices? Own our lives?

We can forge a new path. Starting today.

Break our patterns.

We love you and support you and will see you on the other side of whatever hurdles have been holding you back.

Go for it.