Blog Post # 229 – Cost of Admission

No awards for breathing.

Just showing up is never enough.

We don’t get a gold star for taking out the trash.

Life has a fair amount of drudgery.

Folding laundry, raking leaves, making a meal.

These are the basic building blocks of a pleasant life.

Sort of “have to do’s.”

But when we come to the end of life, none of these will really matter.

They are just the cost of admission for greatness.

For greatness comes from the extraordinary things that we may do.

Our art, raising our children to excel, our unique contributions to the world.

If we want to leave an impact, we have to not only pay the bills, but to go beyond the mundane to do something amazing.

Does this resonate?

What are we drawn to – outside the everyday tasks?

If we want a legacy, we must think big and carve out space outside of our routine to create something fantastic.


Something that only we can do.

We cannot ignore the steps necessary to keep our life on track.

But we must give ourselves the time and space needed to create our art.

Otherwise, we are simple automatons walking through our day with little purpose.