Blog Post # 228 – Perfection

Perfectionism is a trap.

One cannot achieve perfection.

Greatness is the enemy of the good.

We sometimes allow our need to have everything completed perfectly to keep from even getting started.

It is an excuse, a false idol.

When we tell ourselves that we must do everything perfectly, we set ourselves up for failure.

We also have a built in excuse when things don’t go our way.

Give me the guy who starts.

The lady who takes that first step.

Who keeps going after the chance at perfection has passed.

Life is messy, dirty, complicated.

Even in science, perfection is extremely rare.

If we can’t be perfect, who gives a crap?

It is fine to try and do the best job you can, but this unwarranted need for perfection does nobody any good.

For today, let us do our best.

Let us not worship at the false god of perfectionism.

But to instead look for opportunities for incremental improvement.

And let our results stand by themselves.

With gratitude and grace.