Blog Post # 227 – Anti-Facebook

Put your best face forward.

That is what they told us when we were kids.

Hide the bad stuff.

Only show the good.

Facebook and other forms of social media have taken this to the extreme.

If you go by what you see on Facebook, many of are dealing idyllic lives of ease and prosperity.

We don’t talk about the pain.

We don’t talk about our struggles.

We don’t talk to each other.

We pontificate.

We share clever memes.

We try to wow people with our political brilliance, hoping to convert a friend or two.

But what we don’t do is show our warts.

Maybe we need another social media site.

One that allows us to talk about where we really are.

What is really going on.

To talk about our sadness, our journey, our obstacles.

With this blog, I have attempted to be as honest and open about where I am each day.

But I hold some things back.

I think to myself – oh that is too …. honest, raw, revealing.

For today, let us use the social media tools available to us to be a little more real, a little more open and a little more honest.

To show our true face to the world.

Zits and all.