Blog Post # 224 – A Tiny Step

When we get stuck, it may be helpful to ask ourselves this question –

“What is the least amount that I can do today to move forward on this issue?”

A tiny step.

A pattern interrupt.

A break.

Resistance can be hard to recognize.

The unwillingness takes over.

We struggle to understand why we resist that which is good for us.

But maybe we are asking the wrong question.

Maybe, instead of asking why this is happening, we may ask how do I get out of this?

For me, making a little change today can help set me up for a slightly bigger change tomorrow.

To not try and make the change all at once.

Just a step or two towards where I want to be.

Resistance can be like a block of ice.

We can see where we want to be, but it seems far away.


Our small step today is the first break in the ice.

A crack in the wall.

And gets us on our way to a better tomorrow.