Blog Post # 219 – Without Us

We tell ourselves that they will not be able to manage, without us.

That things will not get done, without us.

Indeed, the world might stop, without us.

We use this mindset to drive us.

To motivate us, to keep us going.

Without us, the world is basically screwed.

At least that’s what we secretly think.

But the reality is that the world was here long before us.

And it will hopefully be around a whole lot longer after us.

Without us, the world will keep spinning.

Without us, life will go on.

Without us, our loved ones will be okay.

We need to let go of this delusion that the world will stop when we pass on.

It is simply vanity. And maybe a little fear thrown in.

Abandoning the mindset of our essentialness to the world frees us to simply live.

To live in the moment and realize that while we can and do contribute to the world in a meaningful way, we are not the center of the universe.

We are certainly unique and have our own abilities, but the world does not revolve around us.

The world will be just fine.

Humanity will survive.

Without us.