Blog Post # 218 – To Sleep


We don’t sleep enough.

We don’t get enough quality sleep.

A chronic lack of sleep can result in serious health problems.

We do too much.

We run around too much.

We don’t rest.

We fiddle with our devices right before bed, depriving us of sleep.

Our bodies are denied the ability to recharge.

We try and make up for this with caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine.

Coffee, soda and energy drinks are multi-million dollar businesses.

The thing is that we need more sleep so that we can be more awake.

More alive.

More present.

If our bodies are constantly seeking more sleep and rest and we repeatedly deny the sleep, it will catch up to us eventually.

For today, let us get the sleep and rest that we need.

Let us take breaks and give our body the ability to recharge.