Blog Post # 215 – Stop It

Stop talking. And listen.

There is beautiful music playing.

Stop bitching. And be grateful.

The world is a beautiful place.

Stop trying. And implement.

You have so very much to offer us.

Stop blaming. And find your role in the mess.

There is clean up work to be done.

Stop whining. And be a leader.

We need you to lead us.

Stop seething. The anger that you channel accomplishes nothing.

Let it go for your own good and for ours.

Stop worrying. Things are as they are meant to be.

You didn’t know that already?

Stop waiting. The clock is ticking.

There are only so many days left.

Stop lying. Be true to yourself.

Your best self is what we are after.

Stop it. Just stop it.

If it isn’t helpful, leave it behind.

And go!