Blog Post # 214 – Unequal Sadness

Sometimes, life is difficult.

Extremely difficult.

Where awakening brings pain.

Falling asleep induces nightmares.

Bad things happen.

We get disoriented, untethered from our moorings.

Our routine abandons us.

We feel lost.

The randomness, the unfairness of personal pain seems overwhelming.

We ask ourselves why is this bad thing happening?

Oftentimes, the answers elude us.

Where do we go for solace?

How do we react in these stressful times?

Do we turn to an addiction, a compulsion, comfortable patterns?

Or do we vow to weather the storm?

This blog post is not meant to be a rah, rah “you keep your head up” kind of post.

Instead, let us be angry. Let us feel our sadness.

Please allow us to grieve with you. Please share your emotions and allow them to be. To just be.

I’d like to say that we all struggle with the same sadness.

But life does not distribute sadness equally.

Not fair, but that is how it seems.

For today, let us grieve. Let us feel sad. Let us be present in our despair.

But let us not isolate. Let us not turn to our compulsions. Let us face the raw emotions in their completeness.

And let us do it together.