Blog Post # 213 – Your Very Best

Maybe, you are full of crap.

Maybe, you don’t mean half the things that you say.

Are you honest?

Are you aware of how you really are?

Do you have an accurate understanding of your place in the world?

Wake up.

These stories that you have been telling yourself ….

They are not reality.

You give yourself excuses.

Forgive yourself so easily.

Perhaps you need more honesty.

More hard truths.

More action.

No free passes.

No excuses.

No more BS.

Your time left on this planet is sadly limited.

Each passing day gets you one day closer to your date with destiny.

So we support you, we love you and we forgive you.

But this is about you and your relationship with yourself.

What are you going to do differently today?

How will you strive?

What will you change?

Drop the pretense and get to work.

We don’t have time for your excuses.

We need you at your very best.