Blog Post # 212 – An Invitation to Centeredness

What do we do when the focus won’t come?

When the distractions reign?

When we feel buffeted by the to-do’s and the mounting things to remember.

It can be very overwhelming, this life of ours.

We live in an amazing time defined by connectivity, as well as unlimited access to data and information.

But our brains are not smart phones.

We can, still, get trampled by the cavalcade of remembered tasks.

The monkey brain run amok.

Chatter, chatter, chatter.

We fall into the brain pattern equivalent of the violently shaken snow globe.

Brain dust spread all around.

Keeping us from clarity.

Denying us focus.

Centeredness seems unattainable.

So what do we do?

For me, it helps to drill inside even deeper.

To first recognize the chatter.

To let it swirl around in there.

To reach me – the real me.

The ideas, the tasks, the memories – they can swirl around but we get to our calm place.

It may be harder on days of the swirling, but the opportunity to focus is there.

An invitation to centeredness. It awaits us whenever we check in and allow the swirl to swirl.

The other thing that helps is gratitude. A spirit of thankfulness for all of the activity.
Grateful for a full life and all of the people we have in our lives.

For today, let the world whirl, the mind spin, the clutter to gather.

We dig deep, we center ourselves and we take the lead in living our day the way that we want to.

The snow in the globe will settle. And we will inherently know what we are supposed to do next.

Happy in the clarity.