Blog Post # 207 – For You

For you.

What do you do, for you?

No agenda.

No deadline.

No timetable.

We do so much for other people, but we cannot forget to take care of ourselves.

When do you find space, for you?

10 or 15 minutes to sit and meditate.



Exercise – mind, body, spirit.

What can you do today, for you?

Be gentle.

Be deliberate.

Be present.

So much of time is wasted with trivialities.

Being deliberate and focused on how we spend our time gives us the opportunity to find that space we need.

Who can you forgive today, for you?

Not for them.

But for you.

Forgiveness for them = freedom for you.

The world owes you nothing.

The flip side of that, however, is if you don’t devote some of your time to you, no one else will.

Be free.