Blog Post # 206 – Yearbook Photo

Try to look tough.

Try to look pretty.

It is your freshman yearbook picture, after all.

The teenage years are so awkward, so uncomfortable.

Everything seems so very, very important.

Can I cover my zits?

Is my nose too big?

That guy is so much better looking than me.

I’m the ugliest girl in the whole school.

We look back at our high school pictures with a variety of emotions – sadness, recalled hurts, giggles, despondency.

But at the time, how we looked and the person that we were becoming seemed so unbelievably important.

Our hormones wild, our emotions high.

Everything on high alert.

There are some lessons there for our present day selves.

Our looks and others’ perceptions of us were not really all that important.

The trials and the tribulations faded away so that we now just have vague recollections of the moment.

Any slights, hurts, and failures were long ago forgotten.

Hopefully, at least.

Those photos from long ago were just a split second snapshot of who we were for one moment.

Our present day moments will pass as well.

The slights and sorrows of today will fade to distant memories.

All we have is today. Everything else, fleeting.