Blog Post # 205 – Panoramic View

The panoramic view.

Seems like most major cities have at least one restaurant at the top of a skyscraper that offers a 360-degree view of the city.

Similarly, these new cameras that offer a panoramic view picture are remarkable.

While I have not actually figured out how to shoot such a picture, the broad stroke photos that they produce really stand out.

Too often, we forget to take a panoramic view.

Instead of looking around, we focus on one thing continuously and obsessively until something else takes its place.

Our thinking grows linear and a bit myopic.

Perhaps we should aim for more of a panoramic view in our day.

To look up, look down, all around as Dave Matthews prescribes.

Stepping outside our narrow little point of focus frees us up to think differently.

Just looking out of the corner of our eye – using whatever muscles it takes to see over there – gets our brain moving.

We can actually feel the gears shift a little and our mind opens a bit to see things in a new light.

The closed-mind, myopic view can lead to faulty thinking and bad decisions.

When we limit the amount of input to our brain, we forget about our options. The freedom that we have. Our choices.

For today, let us step outside ourselves. To think in a new way.

To look all around us – 360 degrees if we can – when figuring out how to tackle the problems of the day.