Blog Post # 204 – Help Somebody

Our job in life is to help others.

If we are an electrician, we help people live better lives by having functioning electricity in their homes.

A magician, we bring joy and happiness to children of all ages.

If we are a nurse, we serve others by helping them recuperate, restore and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Most occupations involve helping others – in small or big ways.

Our intention is so very important in this regard.

If we trudge along, clock in and clock out, and do the bare minimum at work, we will have an unfulfilling work day.

But if instead, we view our role as a helper, a facilitator, an ally and a fellow sufferer, our job can be transformed to one of meaning.

Some may view an immigration lawyer as one who completes forms.

But that is not it at all.

We help change people’s’ lives.

Bringing spouses together, helping families begin a new life together in America, keeping families intact – this is what we do.

We often liken it to helping people into a big boat – a big boat called America.

Our job is to patrol the waters and help as many people into the boat as possible.

This metaphor works for whatever type of people you serve.

Uncle Seth would call it building a tribe.

We liken it to staying connected to everyone we had on the boat and got safely to shore.

For today, let us frame the work that we perform in the spirit of helpfulness.

Ease the suffering of another or simply make their life a little better today.

There are certainly worse ways to spend the day.