Blog Post # 203 – Going in the Ground

One day, that will be us in the casket.

Lying there, waiting to go into the ground.

No more lunches to make.

No more errands to run.

No more anything.

And before they lower us into our grave, people will talk.

They will remember us and honor us.

Perhaps they will mention our accomplishment.

Some people may tear up; others may bawl.

Whatever happens, we will be helpless at that point to change anything about our lives.

No more amends.

No chances at forgiveness.

No more love to share.

If we knew that this day was coming one week from now, what would we do differently?

How would we carry ourselves?

What would we say to those closest to us?

Such an interesting conundrum – one day we will each go in the ground.

We just don’t know which day.

For today, let us live for today and without a net. Reckless abandon. Loving life.

Let us be the voice of peace. The sharer of good things. The one who loved.